Hold Your Token to Earn $VORTEM

For each Avarik Saga NFT that you hold will earn approximately 3 $VORTEM per day.

You can claim your $VORTEM tokens once the game is officially launched.

To see how much $VORTEM you can earn, please connect by clicking on the button below.

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Frequently Asked Question

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What is hold-to-earn?
It is a mechanism that allows anyone who owns an Avarik NFT to automatically earn approximately 3 $VORTEM per day. Much like putting your money in a deposit or other forms of investment, “hold-to-earn” lets you earn some interest from holding the NFT.
You can earn around 3 $VORTEM per day for each NFT that you own.
You can claim your $VORTEM tokens once Avarik Saga has officially and fully launched. For now, you can find out how many tokens you can earn by connecting to your wallet.
Yes, this is essentially NFT staking. Our staking feature is still currently under development, which is why players can’t actually claim their $VORTEM tokens yet, and thus this mechanism is temporarily called “hold-to-earn”.