Although united under the single banner of the Kingdom of Avarik, each of these four factions still have its own unique culture, strengths, and characteristics.

A History of Factions


When Amar first saw that a world left by its gods meant a world of chaos and conflicts, he made it his mission to put an end to the wars by uniting the people from all four corners of the land.

So, he traveled to the North, the only region then ruled by knowledge and wisdom. He talked about a kingdom of man, all united and in harmony, and the Northerners agreed to follow his lead. Then, he approached the kind and warm people of the East, who dreamt of peace just as as he did. Upon witnessing Amar’s sincerity, they believed in his capability and swore fealty to him.

Next, Amar journeyed to the South, the land most affected by the disappearance of the ancient gods. The people there had yearned for answers, and Amar provided as much as he was able. Charmed and inspired by the man, the Southerners too accepted Amar as their leader.

Then at last came the West, the land of the strong and deprived, who refused to bow down without a fight. Amar and his mighty army had to try for many years, stirring up countless civil wars and protests, before the Westerners yielded and joined his cause.

Finally, once all the lands were unified, and so the Kingdom of Avarik was born. Each of these four regions is now known as faction, and have maintained their distinctive characters even as they continue to live as one.

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