Avarik Saga Dev Diary #10

Avarik Saga Dev Diary #10

The tenth edition of Avarik Saga updates. Read below for our full game development insights on what we’ve worked on and will provide.

Welcome to 2024, a year that holds incredible promise and excitement for us at Avarik Saga. We're kicking off our first development diary of the year with thrilling updates and milestones.

A Milestone Achievement: Joining Neo Tokyo

We're thrilled to announce our integration into the Neo Tokyo community as Citizen #476. This significant achievement marks a new chapter in our journey, bringing more visibility to our ongoing product development. It symbolizes our commitment to elevating Avarik Saga's presence in the industry. Stay tuned for upcoming partnerships, including a major one we eagerly anticipate in February 2024.

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Art Team Progress:

As we embarked on the final quarter of 2023, our art and animation team transitioned into a robust content production phase, marking a significant upturn in our creative output. This period has been characterized by an intensive focus on expanding our universe with a plethora of new characters; each brought to life with intricate VFX and skilled animations. Additionally, we've been hard at work on engaging trailer content, immersive live animations, and a comprehensive overhaul of our UI/UX design. This shift to full-scale production is set to bring more substantial and frequent updates to our community, showcasing the depth and dynamism of Avarik Saga's artistic vision. Let’s dig in!

Game Development and Mechanics:

  • Forsaken Story Characters & Rank Up Details: Developed narratives and progression systems for "Forsaken Story" characters.

  • API Refinements: Refined APIs for "Vigor" refunds, battle initiation, and upgrade processes.

  • Mission Mapping: Mapped out missions with specific "Vigor" requirements and established a clear mission hierarchy.

  • Gacha Mechanics Enhancement: Enhanced gacha mechanics to include unique weapons and new reward systems.

  • Level Segregation and Costs: Established distinct levels, set leveling costs, and added mode placeholders.

  • Abyssal Breach Feature: Developed the Abyssal Breach feature complete with instance manager and functionality.

  • Ability Expansions: Expanded abilities to include buffs, crowd control, and AOE (Area of Effect) systems.

  • Unit Ability Synchronization: Synchronized unit abilities with improved targeting systems.

  • UI Ability Triggers: Assigned and updated UI triggers for abilities within the gameplay loop.

User Interface and Experience:

  • Animation Improvements: Enhanced animations, including new death animations and main menu enhancements.

  • UI Upgrades: I upgraded the user interface with high-fidelity menus and smoother transition effects.

  • Spawn Area Design: Created designated player/enemy spawn areas with updated spawning mechanisms.

  • Currency Display Centralization: Centralized the in-game currency display for a better user experience.

  • VFX Review and Destructibility: Reviewed ability VFX and implemented destructibility in the Abyssal Breach feature.

Technical and Backend Development:

  • Documentation and API Management: Created comprehensive task and API documentation for streamlined development.

  • Wave Creator and Effects Exploration: Explored new features like the wave creator, Tilt Shift Effect, and Custom Stack.

  • iOS Testing and Troubleshooting: Prepared iOS testing builds and addressed Xcode issues.

  • App Store Preparation: Readied the store account for app deployment.

  • Backend Enhancements: Boosted backend efficiency with new pop-up systems and integrated cheat codes for testing.

While we are currently prepping up the technical backend assets, the exciting news is that we are gearing up to share more gameplay updates with real videos and gameplay footage next month. Stay tuned for these dynamic showcases that will bring the world of Avarik Saga to life right before your eyes.

Embarking on a Year of Mass Production

As we stride into 2024, it's clear that this year marks a significant transition for Avarik Saga. If 2023 was about laying the groundwork, 2024 is all about ramping up to mass production. We've spent the past year meticulously setting the stage, and now, it's time to bring our vision into full fruition. Let’s finally show everyone what we have been cooking under the kitchen!

Disclaimer: Please note that anything written in this document should not be taken as financial advice. Avarik Saga is dedicated to producing a fun, enjoyable game that integrates NFTs. NFTs are a highly experimental technology that should not be bought for investment purposes.

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