Avarik Saga Dev Diary #11

Avarik Saga Dev Diary #11

The eleventh edition of Avarik Saga updates. Read below for our full game development insights on what we’ve worked on and will provide.

Welcome to the second Development Diary of 2024! These initial months have been a whirlwind of progress and pivotal achievements for Avarik Saga. As the gaming sector, especially within the web3 space, continues to garner attention, we're honored by the anticipation and support from our community for what we aim to achieve this year. So, without further ado, let's delve into the recent milestones and updates.

Major Chain Partnership on the Horizon

After three months of diligent search since November 2023, we're thrilled to announce a significant stride forward for Avarik Saga in the blockchain ecosystem. We have secured a crucial partnership with a leading blockchain, set to be the backbone of our web3 initiatives. This partnership, soon to be unveiled, is a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing the gaming experience through blockchain technology. Stay tuned for our major partnership announcement planned for March across our social media channels.

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Revamping Our Landing Page

With growing interest in the Avarik Saga ecosystem, we've taken significant steps to enhance our online presence. Our landing page has undergone a comprehensive revamp to mirror the advancements in our Artwork, Game Production, and Web3 Layer. This update is not just about aesthetic enhancement but aligning our digital front with the progress and consistency of our development efforts. We're excited to open a window into our world, showcasing the dedication and creativity brewing behind the scenes. [Check it Out → AVARIK SAGA]

Whitepaper Update for the Passionate

In tandem with our landing page overhaul, we've refined our whitepaper to encapsulate the essence of Avarik Saga's journey through the bear market and beyond. This document now offers a detailed glimpse into the core of our project, reflecting the strides we've made and the vision we uphold. For our passionate community members keen on following our milestones closely, this whitepaper serves as a comprehensive guide to our evolving narrative and technological advancements. [Check it Out → WHITEPAPER]

Art Team Progress: Scaling Content Production

February 2024 has seen our art team in full swing, preparing for the game's upcoming launch. Our focus has been enriching the Red Covenant Lore, advancing character production, skill animation, and more on the Web3 Side (Wink, Wink). This effort is part of a broader strategy to ramp up our marketing initiatives and ensure that Avarik Saga makes a significant impact upon release.

UI/UX High-Fidelity on Menu #1
UI/UX High-Fidelity on Menu #2

API and Backend Development:

  • API Enhancements: We've updated APIs for critical gameplay elements, including ability level-up materials, equipment usage, and mission rewards, ensuring a seamless player experience.

  • Cache System Implementation: A cache system for Firebase data has been implemented, optimizing transaction speeds and game responsiveness.

  • Documentation and Tier-Up: Comprehensive updates to API documentation and the API for equipment tier-up have been made, streamlining development workflows.

Game Mechanics and Systems:

  • Economic Model Adjustments: Set up specific costs for equipment and ability level-ups, providing a balanced and rewarding progression system.

  • Star Level System: The star level system was re-enabled, introducing bonus rewards for player achievements.

  • Global Enhancements: Introduced a countdown timer, battle session table, and a global status effect VFX system to enrich the gaming environment.

  • UI and Gameplay Innovations: Implemented an energy UI, random seed at mission start, and a cheat for FPS modification, enhancing gameplay dynamics.

  • Combat and Strategy Overhaul: Updated ultimate splash animations, removed ultimate ability cards from dead units, and implemented mechanics for block chance based on affinity levels and combat shout rules.

User Interface and Experience:

  • UI/UX Overhaul: Added loading support for story segments, enhanced cast feedback for the healing ability, and implemented a forward-focus camera system for dynamic storytelling.

  • Character Detail UI: Created and updated the character detail UI for ability and level-up, including slots for unique weapons and equipment, enriching the player’s strategic options.

  • Statistical and Control Improvements: Implemented UI for damage calculation statistics, victory result screen, and refined player control and unit UI for an intuitive gameplay experience.

Visual and Audio Effects:

  • SFX and Animation Mapping: Reviewed the auto mode system functionality and established mappings for unit SFX and events with trigger randomization for a more immersive experience.

  • UI and Story Enhancements: Added character story and recollection entries, populated unit entries, and refreshed cache data upon returning to the main menu for a seamless experience.

Gacha System Enhancements:

  • Revamped Gacha Flow: Introduced a new gacha flow with engaging video interactions and result animations, enhancing the excitement of character acquisition.

  • SSR Animation and Event Banners: Supported SSR animation interactions and designed layouts for regular and event banners, adding depth to the gacha system.

Development Tools and Documentation:

  • Design and Testing Tools: Created blockout obstacles and documentation for game designers, set up addressable packages for game initialization, and conducted daily APK builds, ensuring a smooth development process.

Closing Thoughts & Upcoming Townhall Announcement

As we stand on the cusp of March, a pivotal moment awaits us and the Avarik Saga community. It's a time not just for reflection but for forward-looking anticipation. We're excited to announce that we will be hosting a town hall session with our community to delve into the roadmap for 2024 and unveil the multitude of developments we've been meticulously crafting behind the scenes.

The journey we've embarked on together has been nothing short of remarkable. Your unwavering support and high expectations have been the driving force behind our relentless pursuit of excellence. It's with a deep sense of gratitude that we look forward to sharing the fruits of our labor, the culmination of years of dedicated effort, and the vision that has propelled us forward.

The upcoming town hall will be an opportunity for open dialogue and a chance to share our achievements, upcoming milestones, and the strategic direction for Avarik Saga. We're eager to discuss the exciting developments on the horizon, address any questions, and further solidify our collaboration with the community that has been instrumental in our journey.

Stay tuned for the details on the date and time of the town hall session. We encourage everyone to join, participate, and contribute to the shaping of Avarik Saga's future. Together, we're not just creating a game; we're forging an experience that resonates with our shared passion for innovation, storytelling, and community.

Thank you for believing in us, for being part of this incredible adventure, and for your continued support. Here's to a future filled with achievements, breakthroughs, and shared success.

Disclaimer: Please note that anything written in this document should not be considered financial advice. Avarik Saga is dedicated to producing a fun, enjoyable game that integrates NFTs. NFTs are a highly experimental technology that should not be bought for investment purposes.

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