Avarik Saga Dev Diary #13

Avarik Saga Dev Diary #13

The thirteenth edition of Avarik Saga updates. Read below for our full game development insights on what we’ve worked on and will provide.

As we reflect on the initial months of 2024, the journey has been extraordinary, characterized by each stride we've taken towards significant milestones that shape the trajectory of our game. The overwhelming enthusiasm and steadfast support from our community, particularly in the vibrant web3 gaming sector, have immensely fueled our resolve to push the boundaries of what's possible. Here's an insight into the creativity and technological advancements that have defined our progress recently.

Expanding Our Partnership Ecosystem:

Over the recent weeks, we've actively pursued and secured new collaborations across a diverse spectrum of the gaming world and Web3 sectors. Our expanding network now includes launchpads, distinguished marketing firms, DAOs, infrastructure providers, creative talents, and avid gaming aficionados. These alliances are all geared towards one common goal: thrusting Avarik Saga into the limelight and revitalizing excitement among our supporters and within the gaming community at large.

Key Marketing Collaboration with Surgence:

A pivotal development this month has been initiating a strategic partnership with Surgence, renowned for their potent marketing strategies and deep-rooted industry connections. This alliance is poised to spearhead our primary marketing campaign starting in May, perfectly timed with planned game updates and developmental milestones. Collaborating with Surgence not only mirrors the caliber of Avarik Saga but also amplifies our capability to leave a lasting mark on the Web3 arena.

Art Team:

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity, with our Art Team working tirelessly to perfect the visual and interactive elements of Red Covenant. Following the successful sharing of our pre-alpha demos with initial partners, we've identified three critical areas of focus:

  1. UI/UX Refinement: Our dedication to providing an intuitive and visually appealing user interface is unwavering. We've been meticulously ironing out all UI/UX details to ensure that every aspect of the game is accessible and enjoyable for players. This involves enhancing the navigational elements, streamlining user interactions, and ensuring that the aesthetic complements the immersive experience we aim to provide.

  2. Aesthetic Feedback Integration: Feedback on the art side, particularly concerning VFX animations, background maps, and character quality, has been invaluable. We've taken this input to heart, making targeted improvements that significantly enhance the visual fidelity and overall aesthetic appeal of the game. Our goal is to create a visually stunning world that players can lose themselves in, with every explosion, environment, and expression finely crafted.

  3. Character Story Development: Each character in Red Covenant is not just a figure in the game but a story waiting to be told. We've been developing tailored content for each character's storyline, aiming to create deep, relatable narratives that players can connect with and root for. This approach not only adds depth to the gameplay but also enriches the player's emotional investment in the characters and the world we've built.

Story Development Asset #1
Story Development Asset #2
Development Asset #3
Story Development Asset #4
Story Development Asset #5
Tenebris Map Development Concept #1
Tenebris Map Development Concept #1.5
Tera Map Development Concept #1
Tutorial Story Progression #1
Tutorial Story Progression #2
Terrain Affinity Updates #1
Neferti Ultimate Abilities #1
Lucielle Ultimate Abilities #1
VFX Upgrades on Lucielle #1
Vanya x Neferti Story Progression Dialogue #1
Forsaken Team Menu #1
Adelaide Main Weapon Upgrade #1
Lucielle Main Weapon Upgrade #1
Neferti Main Weapon Upgrade #1 (W/O Weapon Unlock)
Lucielle Skill Upgrade Section #1
Neferti Skill Upgrade Section #1
Adelaide Large Language Model Connection to Messenger Application
Adelaide x Telegram Demo
Yaya Splash Art #1
Selene Revised Illustration #1
Hirai Revised Illustration #1
Viktoria Revised Illustration #1
Yaya Turnaround #1
Satsuki Turnaround #1

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Product Update:

System and Technical Improvements:

  • Implemented GameAnalytics to track user interactions and gameplay metrics.

  • Overhauled an existing level and cleaned up the ability system to improve gameplay dynamics.

  • Introduced anonymous login and updated the login system to utilize device IDs.

  • Created a cheat function to bind accounts to device IDs, enhancing security.

  • Integrated Firebase Crashlytics and rechecked Firebase analytics to enhance app stability and monitoring.

  • Optimized memory usage and texture utilization across main scenes and menus to improve performance.

  • Developed automation tools for build processes and addressed asset management with automated uploads.

  • Implemented safer data handling methods between production and development environments to secure game data.

  • Updated the client to connect with production endpoints and ensured synchronization from development to production.

  • Conducted profiling and optimization on both Android and iOS builds to ensure performance efficiency.

Gameplay and Content Development:

  • Updated the battle results UI and refined the tutorial sequence to improve player understanding and engagement.

  • Enhanced player progression tracking with local storage of progress up to the third narrative event.

  • Segregated and optimized addressable assets to better align with the introductory needs of the game.

  • Implemented high-fidelity designs for various UI components, such as gacha pages, main menu, and character selection screens.

  • Adjusted and extended gameplay elements like ability timing and unit naming for better clarity and usability.

  • Researched concurrent asset loading to improve gameplay smoothness and reduce loading times.

  • Extended tutorial systems to include more interactive and instructional components, enhancing the onboarding process.

  • Added functionality to allow players to tap-and-hold to open character pages directly from the game interface.

Collaboration and Research:

  • Coordinated with the Visual Novel (VN) team to align asset use and management across different segments of the game.

  • Held discussions with UX and technical teams to plan and deploy new UI updates and system enhancements.

  • Conducted multiple research initiatives focused on improving system integration and asset handling.

  • Converted discussion outcomes into actionable tasks, aligning with broader game development and design strategies.

  • Pursued solutions for remote access capabilities to facilitate testing and development.

Anticipations for May:

Our partnership journey doesn't end with Surgence. Looking ahead to May, we're excited about revealing more collaborations, each integral to our strategy aimed at significantly boosting our game's visibility and player engagement. These partnerships are crucial as we craft a compelling comeback narrative for Avarik Saga, destined to not only reclaim but exceed its former glory.

We're excited to keep you updated as these partnerships develop and begin to influence our expansion. The enthusiasm and support from our community are the driving forces behind these initiatives, reinforcing our commitment to fulfilling the great potential of Avarik Saga.

Stay connected for more updates on our partnerships and join us as we embark on an ambitious journey to reestablish and broaden Avarik Saga’s footprint in the Web3 gaming world. Here's to a future brimming with innovation, community achievements, and collective success!

Disclaimer: Please note that anything written in this document should not be considered financial advice. Avarik Saga is dedicated to producing a fun, enjoyable game that integrates NFTs. NFTs are a highly experimental technology that should not be bought for investment purposes.

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