Avarik Saga Dev Diary #2

Avarik Saga Dev Diary #2

The second edition of monthly Avarik Saga updates. Read below for our full game development insights on what we’ve worked on and will provide.

An update on Avarik Saga. A look at our development and art team progress. We will be posting monthly for you to follow along the development of Avarik Saga, so make sure you subscribe!

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Welcome to the second edition of our monthly development updates for Avarik Saga! As we continue to work hard on bringing our upcoming full game to life, we're excited to share with you some key updates on two critical development areas: our Art Direction, Concept Art, and our Game Design progress.

Art Direction and Concept Art:

We've been working hard to revamp the Avarik Saga brand to better reflect the game we're developing behind the scenes. As part of that process, we've focused on updating our art direction and illustration quality. The main driver of our philosophy:

For the art direction of Avarik Saga, we dug deeper into our original inspiration from Final Fantasy that our community loved and thought hard on how to upscale our quality of art that can be maximized to appeal both gamers in Web3 and Web2.

Hence, we’ve added an anime approach inspired by games like Archeland, Nikke, and Azure Lane to help turn Avarik Saga into an exciting new world for our players to enjoy but also drive curiosoity on each of the character’s distinct characteristic and lore that truly delivers what a JRPG game should be.

Through rigorous A/B testing using the Meta Platform, we've narrowed down our art style based on community feedback and product-market fit. With our bigger art team, we are excited to showcase more detailed, higher quality art that raises the expectations people might have had based on the mini-game and current Avarik Saga Brand.

Below are some of the initial concept arts we started with and how they transitioned to combine Final Fantasy and the anime-style concept.

Avarik Saga: Medea’s First Genesis Art
Avarik Saga: Medea’s First Take on Concept Art

Below, you can start seeing how we are testing out our full game concept art using the example of Medea, our Terra Queen. Please advise that all of our work is still in development mode.


Furthermore, we are still in the exploration mode of trying out various ratios and sizes of our characters that can truly encapsulate the full game expectations our community members have.

Game Design:

Based on the community's positive feedback on the mini-game’s real-time PvP features, we've focused on bringing the best features from the mini-game to our full game that can be executed within our promised timeline and resources. We've chosen to develop a turn-based strategy game that allows for competitive battles between players.

Below, you can start seeing how we are testing out our full game design layout for our core battle mechanics.

Our game designers have been iterating on a daily basis with a 2-week scrum timeline, going over 10+ prototypes. We've locked down a model and plan to push forward with focus groups comprised of our core community members for playtesting and external feedback.

Going Forward

Overall, we're progressing steadily on our art direction and game design fronts. We expect the upcoming months to focus on finalizing our full game art direction, scaling our game mechanics, and then going through heavy testing until we believe we can meet the expectations of a fun gameplay that is immersive and hard to master. We're excited about the direction we're heading, and we look forward to sharing more updates with the community in the coming months.

Thanks for reading Avarik Saga Monthly! We will post monthly for you to follow along on our development updates, so make sure you don’t miss anything by subscribing below.

Disclaimer: Please note that anything written in this document should not be considered financial advice. Avarik Saga is dedicated to developing a fun JRPG game that integrates NFTs. NFTs are highly experimental technology that should not be bought for investment purposes.