Avarik Saga Dev Diary #5

Avarik Saga Dev Diary #5

The fifth edition of Avarik Saga updates. Read below for our full game development insights on what we’ve worked on and will provide.

An update on Avarik Saga. A look at our development and art team progress. We will post monthly for you to follow along with the development of Avarik Saga, so make sure you subscribe!

We are delighted to share the latest update on our journey at Avarik Saga. Today, we dive into the captivating realm of our second prototype, code-named Avarik Swift. This prototype represents a crucial step in our development process as we continuously iterate and refine our game based on invaluable feedback from both internal and external testing.

TLDR: Quick Updates for Busy Bees 🐇

  1. Prototype Overview: Get a detailed glimpse into our game prototype, showcasing engaging gameplay mechanics such as unique retaliation and special attacks, interactive spell casting, and a strategic fate-based system. Experience the tactical depth and character-focused strategy we aim to achieve in Avarik Saga's full game development.

  2. Art Update: Feast your eyes on the early stages of our art development process. Witness the birth of captivating characters as our talented team brings them to life with intricate sketches and designs. Immerse yourself in the rich visual world of Avarik Saga, where every detail adds depth and allure to the game.

  3. Introducing ForgeFun: We are thrilled to introduce our dedicated team members and contributors who build Avarik Saga passionately. Discover the skills and expertise of our talented developers, visionary artists, creative writers, and skilled sound designers. Suppose you're interested in joining our journey and contributing to the development of this remarkable game. In that case, we invite you to apply and become a valued member of the Avarik Saga family. Let's build something extraordinary together!

Prototype Code Name: Avarik Swift

Building upon the foundation of our initial prototype Prototype Tactics, we recognized the need to crystallize our game concept further. We acknowledged the demand for captivating Player versus Player (PvP) tactics while also addressing the challenges that come with it, such as long playtime, queue times in low player-count scenarios, and limited mobile-friendliness. Accessibility emerged as a key focus, driving us to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of our game.

Critical Adjustments in Battle Mechanics:

  1. Simultaneous Turns & Speed System: We significantly adjusted our gameplay in our quest for speed and fluidity. Introducing simultaneous turns, or what we like to call "Battle Phases," has transformed the flow of our game mechanics. Each battle unfolds across multiple phases, from meticulous preparation to the exhilarating pursuit of victory. The Speed System lies at the core of our simultaneous turns. Each action card possesses a specific speed, dictating the sequence in which they are triggered. This strategic element adds a layer of depth and intensity, allowing players to make informed decisions based on the speed and timing of their abilities.

  2. Reduced Choices with Higher "Strategic Density": We firmly believe in the power of meaningful decisions. With Avarik Swift, we have fine-tuned our gameplay experience to offer fewer choices with significant strategic weight. Prepare for a battlefield where every move matters and the balance between risk and reward is delicately intertwined.

  3. Implementing a Card-Based Skill System: We have imbued our game unpredictably by unleashing the power of cards. Our card-based skill system introduces a refreshing layer of strategy while still retaining the depth and complexity that our players crave. Discover diverse abilities, wield them precisely, and witness their impact on the battlefield.

Diving into the Intricacies:

The core of Avarik Swift lies in its meticulously crafted battle mechanics. Let's explore some key components that bring the prototype to life:

  • Simultaneous Rounds: Engage in intense battles that span five rounds. Each round is played simultaneously, with both players issuing commands and resolving actions simultaneously. Adaptability and quick thinking will be your allies in this fast-paced gameplay experience.

    Simultaneous Round Simulation #1
  • Planning Phase: Harness the unique abilities of your Fates, represented as skill cards. During the Planning Phase, you can utilize these abilities strategically and reposition your Fates for optimal positioning.

    Ability Card Draft #1
  • Resolution Phase: As the Planning Phase concludes, the game transitions into the Resolution Phase. Here, the actions chosen by both players are executed in chronological order based on the speed of each ability. Timing is everything; faster actions precede slower ones, culminating in a dynamic and exhilarating resolution.

  • Game End: Brace yourself for an intense battle that spans five rounds. The game concludes at the end of Round 5, or when one side emerges victorious by wiping out the opposing forces.

The Power of Abilities:

Abilities are pivotal in Avarik Swift, represented by intricately designed cards. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Rules: During each turn, players can utilize up to two abilities in the form of cards. If an ability requires mana, it will consume the appropriate amount, ensuring that the "two abilities per turn" limit is respected. Managing your mana resources becomes a crucial aspect of your tactical decision-making.

  • Drawing Action: At the beginning of each round, players draw cards until they have five in hand. In the event of an empty deck, the discard pile is reshuffled and added back to the deck, guaranteeing an endless well of possibilities.

  • Reserving Abilities: Embrace the strategic advantage of reserving one ability per round. Reserved abilities carry over to the next round, offering you the flexibility to plan and adapt your tactics. However, be mindful that reserving an ability comes at the cost of reducing the number of cards drawn in the following turn.

  • Removing Abilities on Fate Death: When a Fate meets its demise, all associated ability cards are removed from the player's hand, deck, and discard pile. The consequences are far-reaching, reshaping the battlefield and necessitating a shift in strategy. The reduced deck size adds a new layer of complexity to your decision-making process.

[Planning Phase in Action Video #1]

Action Timeline (left to right) - Fast, Normal, Slow, Reposition...
Action Timeline - 2 abilities with the same speed executed at the same time

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A Glimpse into the Prototyping Journey:

While we have provided detailed insights into Avarik Swift, it is essential to emphasize that our development process is iterative. Prototyping is a crucial stage where we explore various gameplay mechanics, test concepts, and gather feedback to shape the final direction of our game. While rich in detail, the prototype we have shared is a work in progress and subject to further refinement based on player feedback and internal evaluations.

At Avarik Saga, we remain dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Thorough prototype development sessions allow us to push the boundaries of creativity, refine mechanics, and deliver an exceptional gaming experience. We value your ongoing support and understanding as we navigate the exciting realm of game development.

Lastly, we are excited to announce that in the near future, we will be opening up testing for Prototype Swift to our dedicated development community. This marks an important milestone in our journey, as we eagerly anticipate the valuable feedback and insights that will help us shape the game to perfection. We believe in the power of collaboration, and we look forward to embarking on this testing phase with the entire community, where together, we can refine and enhance the gameplay experience. Stay tuned for more details on how you can be a part of this exciting opportunity to test and shape the future of Avarik Saga. Now off to the captivating world of Art Development, and continue to share our progress with you.

Art Update

Artistry breathes life into the gaming realm, adding depth and immersion to the gameplay experience. We are thrilled to provide you with a glimpse into the captivating world of art development for Avarik Saga. Our talented team has been hard at work, crafting stunning visuals that will transport you to a realm of wonder and excitement.

Introducing the Cleric: From Concept to Reality

The latest addition to our ever-growing roster of characters is the esteemed Cleric. We are delighted to showcase the initial concept art and illustrations that bring this character to life. Witness the meticulous attention to detail and the creative vision of crafting this integral figure within the Avarik Saga universe. From the Paladin we introduced in our previous development diary to the all-new Cleric, our artists have truly outdone themselves.

Cleric Concept Art #1
Cleric Illustration #1

Breathing Life into the 3D Realm: Character Modeling

The artistic journey extends beyond mere illustrations. We have embarked on developing 3D models to integrate our characters into the gameplay prototype seamlessly. Witness the transformation as the Cleric, Archer, Samurai, and other beloved characters transcend the realm of concept art to become tangible entities within the game. The dedication and skill of our artists shine through as they painstakingly mold these 3D models, ensuring every intricate detail is captured.

Cleric 3D Model #1
Archer 3D Model #1

[Samurai 3D Model Idle Video #1]

Unveiling Future Marvels: Concept Art Teasers

As we push the boundaries of artistry, our team is already working on concept art for upcoming characters. Prepare to be captivated by the Geomancer's enigmatic presence and the Dark Mystic's mystical allure. These characters, yet to be fully realized, promise captivating adventures and unique gameplay experiences. Stay tuned for our next development updates, where we will reveal these concept art treasures in all their glory.

Dark Mystic Concept Art Test #1
Geomancer Concept Art Test #1

Where Art Meets Gameplay: Celebrating Progress

At Avarik Saga, we firmly believe artwork is as vital to the gaming experience as the gameplay itself. Our progress in bringing our artistic visions to life fills us with excitement, and we hope it resonates with you, our esteemed community. Witnessing the tangible integration of artwork into the gameplay updates is a testament to our dedication to creating an immersive and unforgettable gaming experience.

Meet the Avarik Saga Team:

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new team page and introduce our official studio name ForgeFun, where we proudly showcase the talented individuals and dedicated contributors who are working tirelessly to bring Avarik Saga to life. Each team member brings unique skills and a shared passion for creating an extraordinary gaming experience.

From skilled developers and visionary artists to creative writers and talented sound designers, our team is a dynamic force united by a common goal: to craft a captivating world for players to immerse themselves in. We invite you to meet our exceptional team members and get a glimpse into their inspiring journeys and expertise.

We welcome passionate individuals who share our vision and want to contribute their talents to this remarkable project. Whether you are an experienced professional or an aspiring game developer, we encourage you to apply and embark on this thrilling adventure with us here:

Wrapping Up:

As we bring this month's development diary to a close, we are thrilled to reflect on the significant strides we've made in the realms of game development, artistry, and community building. Let's take a moment to recap the highlights of our journey:

Prototype Swift: We've taken you on an exhilarating deep dive into one of our game prototypes, showcasing its engaging gameplay mechanics, strategic depth, and character-focused strategies. Through unique features like retaliation and special attacks, interactive spell casting, and a fate-based system, Avarik Saga is shaping up to be an immersive and captivating gaming experience.

Art Update: Our talented art team has been hard at work, bringing the imaginative world of Avarik Saga to life. From the initial concept art and illustrations of new characters like the cleric and paladin to the development of 3D models for gameplay integration, we are crafting a visual experience that is both stunning and rich in detail. The artistry in Avarik Saga is poised to enhance the gameplay and transport players into a mesmerizing realm.

Introducing ForgeFun: We are excited to announce the opening of our team page, where we showcase the remarkable individuals who are tirelessly contributing their talents to the development of Avarik Saga. From skilled developers and visionary artists to creative writers and talented sound designers, our team is a force to be reckoned with. We invite passionate individuals who share our vision to join us on this remarkable journey and apply to join the Avarik Saga family.

We want to express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and engagement throughout this adventure. Your enthusiasm and feedback drive us to continuously push the boundaries of creativity and deliver a gaming experience that exceeds expectations. As we progress, we remain committed to refining our prototypes, perfecting our artistry, and fostering a vibrant community around Avarik Saga.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming months as we continue to shape the destiny of Avarik Saga. Together, let's forge an epic saga that will captivate hearts and leave a lasting mark in the world of gaming.

With boundless enthusiasm, The Avarik Saga Team

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Disclaimer: Please note that all information, concepts, and images shared in this developer diary represent a work-in-progress state of Avarik Saga. As part of the creative and development process, everything described and shown here, from gameplay mechanics to character design, is subject to change and refinement. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best gaming experience possible, and sometimes this means revisiting and adjusting elements as we progress. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue on this exciting game development journey.