Avarik Saga Dev Diary #6

Avarik Saga Dev Diary #6

The sixth edition of Avarik Saga updates. Read below for our full game development insights on what we’ve worked on and will provide.

An update on Avarik Saga. A look at our development and art team progress. We will post monthly for you to follow along with the development of Avarik Saga, so make sure you subscribe!

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The close of Q3 2023 allows us to reflect on our strides and anticipate the road ahead. Since the inception of our new artistic vision to the ongoing refinements of our prototype, Avarik Saga's journey has been marked by innovation, feedback, and growth.

Game Progress

1. Setting the Stage (January to February 2023) :

Our initial phase was all about groundwork. With the commencement of full game production, we anchored our objectives in the insights we gathered from our community's feedback and the broader market trends. The early blueprints centered around user experience, aiming to build an engaging and intuitive game. We discussed, debated, and decided on the crucial aspects of how the game's core loop would manifest.

2. Crafting ‘Prototype Tactics’ (March to April 2023):

This period was transformative. Alongside our evolving chibi-style art direction—which resonated with our brand's renewal—‘Prototype Tactics’ was born. This early prototype wasn't just a blend of our ideas and a homage to legendary titles like the Fire Emblem Series, Duelyst, and Final Fantasy Tactics. Testing was crucial. Engaging a subset of our community for initial playtesting not only validated our design decisions but also provided pivotal feedback. Our learnings from this phase were transparently shared in Development Diary #4.

3. Evolving to ‘Prototype Swift’ (May to July 2023):

The challenges and feedback from our 'Prototype Tactics' were instrumental in guiding our next steps. The vision was clear: a mobile tactics game that is quick in pace yet deep in strategy. Enter ‘Prototype Swift’. This new direction led us to innovate—simultaneous turn systems were introduced, choices in gameplay were refined to offer strategic depth without overwhelming players, and a card-based skill system was integrated. We felt a game of this nature demanded a robust introduction; hence, an interactive tutorial was developed, infused with quality animations, sound effects, and visuals. Our first set of tests, however, indicated that certain elements, like the skill system and victory conditions, needed more clarity.

4. The Journey of Refinement (August to September 2023):

Refinement was the theme of these months. We aimed to maintain the game’s essence while making it more accessible and intuitive. Changes were comprehensive: the game grid was restructured for better navigation skills, their impacts were made more discernible, and the in-game HUD underwent an overhaul for enhanced player feedback and engagement.

As we move forward, our path is laid out. The upcoming second smoke test is designed to probe deeper into game retention and assess the length and quality of game sessions. For the months of September and October, our sights are set on refining our existing prototype. Every tweak and every adjustment aims to resonate with our community's expectations, ensuring that Avarik Saga is a testament to our dedication and vision as 2023 concludes.

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Art Progress: Embracing the Anime/Waifu Aesthetic

Art and aesthetics are fundamental to any game's soul. It's a visual narrative that informs players about the world they're stepping into, the characters they'll interact with, and the stories they'll forge. As we approached 2023, we made the decision to fully embrace the anime/waifu style for our illustrations, a choice rooted both in strategy and passion.

1. Discovering Our Style (January to March 2023):

During the first quarter, our journey was exploratory. We sought to find that perfect blend of art to complement our game mechanics and capture players' attention. We recognized that while the anime/waifu aesthetic was our focus, its vastness offered a spectrum of styles. Our initial foray involved meticulous research and iterations, experimenting with different looks and feels to discern what resonated most.

This period also witnessed an overhaul in our production workflow. We introduced systems and pipelines designed for efficiency, ensuring that from the initial sketch to the polished 2D or 3D art, every step was streamlined.

2. Scaling Production (April to September):

With a solid foundation in place, the subsequent months were all about momentum. Our artists immersed themselves in the rich tapestry of the anime/waifu genre. Every character is designed as a blend of inspiration from this genre, infused with our unique touch. Each character not only had to fit aesthetically but also had to have a distinct personality, backstory, and role within our game universe.

As of now, our roster boasts over 10 meticulously designed characters. But we aren't stopping here. Our ambitious roadmap envisions a staggering 30+ characters by the time we roll out our early alpha version. Such diversity ensures players will have many choices, allowing them to experience varied gameplay styles and strategies.

In essence, our art journey has been both challenging and rewarding. By intertwining game mechanics with the captivating allure of the anime/waifu aesthetic, we aim to create an experience that's both visually stunning and engaging for our players.

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Events and Partnership Progress:

Transitioning from the conceptual stage to a tangible product is a monumental step for any game studio. However, building the game is only half the journey; ensuring its visibility in the right circles and platforms is the other half. Starting August 2023, we began this crucial outreach, keen on not just showcasing Avarik Saga but also fostering collaborations that could propel our game to new heights.

1. Taking Avarik Saga on Tour:

Our journey began with our beloved Avocados participating in some of the industry's most esteemed events. From the picturesque landscapes of Bali at Coinfest Asia to the tech hubs of Token2049 in Singapore and the Korean Blockchain Week, we ensured Avarik Saga was presented to a diverse and influential audience. These events not only allowed us to gather feedback but also to network with other industry giants and enthusiasts.

2. Building a Web of Partnerships:

A significant part of our strategy has been to collaborate. Since the beginning of our full game development in January 2023, we've been in talks with a spectrum of potential partners:

  • Web2 & Web3 Game Studios: These collaborations aim to infuse the best of both traditional gaming and blockchain-based experiences.

  • User Acquisition Agencies: To ensure our game reaches its potential players and stands out amidst the competition.

  • Infrastructure: Their expertise and backing can provide the needed support and resources to scale our ambitions.

  • Chains and Other Industry Experts: Their insights are invaluable in refining our game and ensuring it aligns with current industry standards and expectations.

This expansive partnership drive underscores our commitment to making Avarik Saga not just a game but a community-driven experience. We understand the excitement and anticipation of our community. Rest assured, the partnerships we're forging are not just strategic but also in alignment with our vision for Avarik Saga. As we finalize details and build these relationships, we'll soon make some significant announcements. We urge our community to stay tuned, for these partnerships are not just about growth but also about enhancing the Avarik Saga experience manifold.

In conclusion, while we're immensely proud of the game we're building, we're equally excited about the relationships we're forging. Avarik Saga is not just a game; it's a testament to collaboration, community, and shared visions.

Wrapping Up: Reflecting and Looking Ahead

As we draw this sixth development diary to a close, it's a moment to pause, reflect, and appreciate the intricate tapestry of effort, innovation, and collaboration that has gone into the journey of Avarik Saga so far.

This diary has been a testament to the dedication of our team, the invaluable feedback from our community, and the strategic collaborations we've sought out. The art updates, game mechanics tweaks, and partnership drives are not isolated events, but connected threads in the larger narrative of Avarik Saga's evolution.

We understand that game development is an ever-evolving process, and as we've showcased, it's one filled with trials, triumphs, and continuous learning (Thank you always for the consistent patient you have with us). Every prototype, character sketch, and feedback session has added another layer to our game's depth, and we are more enthusiastic than ever about the path we're on.

We're profoundly grateful to our community, without whom this journey would lack its vibrancy and direction. Your feedback, excitement, and patience drive us to refine, reimagine, and consistently push the boundaries of what Avarik Saga can be.

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We feel your pain.

As we venture into the closing months of 2023 and beyond, anticipate more updates, sneak peeks, and interactive sessions. We want you to be as much a part of this journey as we are. Our shared vision is to create a game that stands the test of time, both in its gameplay and its ability to bring people together.

Until the next diary, we invite you to stay engaged share your thoughts, and journey with us. Avarik Saga is more than a game; it's a community, a vision, and a shared adventure. Here's to many more milestones together.

Love Avocados 🥑

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Disclaimer: Please note that all information, concepts, and images shared in this developer diary represent a work-in-progress state of Avarik Saga. As part of the creative and development process, everything described and shown here, from gameplay mechanics to character design, is subject to change and refinement. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best gaming experience possible, and sometimes, this means revisiting and adjusting elements as we progress. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue on this exciting game development journey.