Avarik Saga Dev Diary #8

Avarik Saga Dev Diary #8

The eight edition of Avarik Saga updates. Read below for our full game development insights on what we’ve worked on and will provide.

An update on Avarik Saga. A look at our development and art team progress. We will post monthly for you to follow along with the development of Avarik Saga, so make sure you subscribe!

Art Team Progress

Scaling Character Production (October to November 2023):

The art team, having recently emerged victorious from production optimization challenges, embarked on an ambitious journey this November. Our studios buzzed with the energy of creation as artists and designers brought to life an array of characters, each with a unique story and essence.

In the pipeline, nine characters are being meticulously crafted. Three of these envisioned Forsakens had already reached the rendering stage, their digital forms almost ready to step into the world of Avarik Saga. The other six took shape within concept art, each brush stroke adding depth and life to their personas.

Lucielle Final Form Illustration
Lucielle Turnaround #1
Selene Final Form Illustration
Selene Turnaround #1
Selene Turnaround #2
Hirai Concept Sketch #1
Hirai Turnaround #1

The 3D team, not to be outdone, finalized assets for two characters, readying them for their grand debut in gameplay. The remaining cast swiftly followed in their footsteps, their animations and VFX being sculpted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Adelaide Attack Sequence Flow #1

Simultaneously, a new chapter unfolded with the initiation of enemy character development, a task that promised to add layers of challenge and excitement to the Avarik Saga universe.

Enemy Concept Art #1

In parallel, the UI/UX team delved into research and optimization. Early tests on the menu and character selection interfaces were underway, each iteration bringing us closer to an intuitive and engaging player experience.

Early UI/UX Menu Format for Mobile

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Game Progress:

Toward the FTUE Build (October to November 2023):

In game development, November was finalizing the “First Time User Experience Build (FTUE)” for December. This phase was characterized by meticulous attention to various gameplay elements, each contributing to a coherent and engaging player experience.

The team dedicated itself to refining various gameplay components. This included optimizing loading screen transitions, ensuring art assets were integrated smoothly into gameplay, and fine-tuning VFX for an immersive visual experience. Key gameplay mechanics such as skill usage optimization, ability testing, and feedback durations for cooldowns and attacks were also in focus.

As we approach the end of 2023, our direction remains unwavering, with development momentum at its peak. The forthcoming FTUE build, a culmination of our year-long efforts, is set to be a private showcase for our community to get a short glimpse of the gameplay.

Closing November 2023, we look forward to the opportunities and challenges 2024 will bring. Your support has been our cornerstone, and it's with this collective strength we continue to forge ahead, crafting a gaming experience that resonates with our vision and your expectations.

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